Nils Gore, Associate Professor, KU School of Architecture, Design and Planning

I am an Associate Professor in Architecture at the University of Kansas (KU) and a licensed architect in Kansas. My education includes a B.Arch degree from Kansas State University, and an M.Arch. degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design. Prior to my appointment at KU in 2001, I taught at the Boston Architectural Center ('87-'91) and at Mississippi State University (MSU) ('95-'01).

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Design and Construction Technology Education
A primary teaching/research interest lies in understanding the pedagogy of construction education through hands-on design-build projects (Learning by Doing) and in theoretical projects which engage the realities of our culture of building.

  • The KU Mobile Collaboratory (MoCoLab), a mobile research/learning environment for university/community collaboration.
  • A studio design/build project for a Trailhead Structure at the University of Kansas Field Station and Ecological Reserves
  • A studio design/build project for a Kaw River Valley Overlook at the University of Kansas Field Station and Ecological Reserves
  • A studio project regarding Pre-engineered Metal Building Systems.
  • A studio project regarding Portable School Classrooms. (Click for article. "Designing Better Portable Classrooms." Proceedings of the 2012 ACSA Fall Conference--OFFSITE: Theory and Practice of Architectural Production. 2013 121-126
  • Since Hurricane Katrina I've completed several projects in New Orleans with students in Design/Build studios:
  • For a book chapter about the changing nature of professional education in architecture, click here. (from Architecture Live Projects: Pedagogy into Practice, Edited by Harriet Harriss & Lynnette Widder (Routledge, 2014)
  • For an article (w/ Jim Mayo) about the nature of politics in architectural practice, click here. (Mayo, J. and N. Gore. "Confronting the Terrain Of Politics in Architectural Practice: Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses." Journal of Architectural and Planning Research 30, no. 3 (2013): 244-253)
  • For an article (w/ Rob Corser) about the New Orleans work, click here. (Journal of Architectural Education, Volume 62 Issue 4, 2009 Pages 32 - 39.)
  • For an article (w/ Rob Corser) about the New Orleans work, click here. (Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research Vol. 10, Number 3. HUD. 2008. pp. 159-165.)
  • For an article (w/ Rob Corser) on the New Orleans work, click here. (Batture: Amnesiascope, Volume 4. Louisiana State University, 2008. pp. 4-11)
  • A studio project for design and construction of a gathering space at West Junior High, in Lawrence, Kansas.
  • A studio project for design and construction of a new jury room in Snow Hall on the KU campus. (4.8mb .pdf)
  • Click for an article, Craft and Innovation: Serious Play and the Direct Experience of the Real. (6.5mb .pdf)
  • A studio project for design and construction of solar lighting fixtures at the Ryan Gray Playground for all Children in 2003.
  • Click here for a 5-minute QuickTime video on the construction of Okolona Corner Park, a design-build project constructed by a third-year design studio I taught with Shannon Criss, at MSU, in 1999. (movie)
  • Click here for an article on the Okolona Corner Park. (6 page .pdf)
  • Click here for research on Stabilized Earth Blocks (Cinva Ram) , conducted in the Spring 2000 Materials Class at MSU, and continuing in Fall 2001 in the 3rd-year Design Studio at KU. (website)

Materials Research
I am P.I. on a project to develop materials made out of flyash, a coal combustion by-product. (1.7mb .pdf)

I am co-investigator for a project called Heartland Green Sheets, investigating building materials made of recycled content.

Community Design
At MSU, I was involved in the work of the Small Town Center, a community design center with an outreach mission in Mississippi's small towns.


I am a strong advocate of "learning-by-doing," and of promoting natural learning based on cultivation of a student's own curiosity. I attempt to employ these ideas in both my subject areas: design studio and construction technology.

I typically teach an undergraduate or graduate design studio each semester.

Emerging Technologies & Design in Europe. See Photos.

Arch205 Natural Forces

Arch627 The Culture of Building Technology

A research methods course for the investigation of material properties.


I am a principal, with Shannon Criss, of Regenerative Architecture, a professional architectural practice.


For an article on my landscape photographs click Unexpected Gifts. (published in the Spring 2000 issue of Mississippi Folklife magazine.)(5 page .pdf)

To see a catalog of my photographs, click here. 3 of my photos are in the permanent collection of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

My Flickr photostream can be found here.

A personal project, consisting of a virtual museum of wacky packaging products and ephemera, can be found at MisterSmed's Cabinet of Curiosity